Why choose us?

We have positive aims and intentions

We use evidence-based methods

Nurturing Parenting Programme

Using mindfulness practice and other theoretical concepts, this programme reported increases in mindfulness and self-compassion, and reduced general stress anxiety and depresssion.


We use evidence-based mindfulness teaching methods for young people Evidence shows it can reliably impact on a wide range of indicators of positive psychological, social and physical wellbeing and flourishing in children and young people.

Person centred assessment and the journey of change

We are committed to using assessment within our interventions to ensure we identify needs and goals and can measure change.

Using trauma informed practice

Our team use trauma Informed practice which promotes secure attachment, self-regulation and resilience in young people.

Asset / Strength Based Practice

We practice asset based community development. This model builds on assets that from the community and mobilises individuals, associations, and institutions to come together to realise and develop their strengths – this work focuses on mapping and developing individuals, associations, institutions, places and connections.

Restorative Practice

We use this to help modify behaviours, repair harm and relationships. Evidence says that restorative practice has positive affects on post-traumatic stress, can improve experiences for those harmed and reduces health costs while having increased reductions in harmful behaviours.

We are connected to…


We are connected to activists, ex-service users and professionals which assists us in engaging those who need support.


We are connected to statutory and not-for-profit partners in a number of sectors which strengthens our offer of support and increases collaboration.


We are connected to many geographical communities, diverse cultural communities and priority groups across Greater Manchester which helps us to engage, empower and meet need.


Having worked for ten years across sectors – social care, education, training, youth working, justice, health, regeneration, social housing – we can knit our targeted model to the local agenda.


Having used multiple income sources over a decade we are grant-ready, tender-ready and ready to trade cooperatively