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to raise the youth

No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship

Dr. Comer

Be an emotionally available adult

You may want to be a volunteer mentor for young people and be a “champion” for a young person.

This provides them with a “secure base”, someone who can help to regulate their emotions and build a trusting relationship with.

Someone who can model the role of a trusting adult to a child to enable them to understand how to form and maintain trusting relationships with others.

Youth work

Youth work is a worthwhile professional industry.

Raise the Youth can directly provide or signpost you into youth work training or can provide supported placements on worthwhile projects.

Join us

Be a volunteer, critical friend, partner, employee, fundraiser or supporter. Leave your details here.

Interested in:

Fundraising and sponsorship

If you are a parent or and employee, a community member or member of a religious organisation and want to help vulnerable young people and families as your cause, you may want to raise some funding for us.

Go on a journey – on a bike or on foot or on a horse (Lands End to John o’ Groats, pennine way, coast to coast, across a set of mountains).

Do something exciting for a cause – (parachute, bungee jump).

Crowdfund for us (web link).

Hold a community or business event (business dinner, nightclub or pub events, religious collection).

Run an enterprise project like an Ebay or Etsy shop.

Social Action

Social action is about people coming together to help improve their lives and solve the problems that are important in their communities.

It can include volunteering, giving money, community action or simple neighbourly acts.

Through the commitment and skill of citizens, social action can empower communities, help people in need, and complement public services.

Taking part in social action is also associated with higher levels of wellbeing and can improve people’s confidence and skills.

Heroes are Ordinary People whose social action is Extra-Ordinary / who ACT when others are passive, who give up EGO-centrism for SOCIO-centrism

Philip Zimbardo