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SOS Connected

Our model of targeted community intervention is adapted to a variety of needs but every SOS project provides:


Practical, emotional and transformational mentoring


Participatory activities and interventions to engage and develop


A bridge between assessed need and access to other services

With a focus on Connection

Identifying and developing community connectors, facilitating connections between people, communities and services.

Connection enhances your life and the wellbeing of the community. We invest time in developing them.

Services for the community

Asset based community development including place-based work to strengthen communities and develop partnerships.

Family Development

Hosting connected self-help groups for families, facilitating targeted family support including the family connected support programme and the accredited nurturing parenting programme.

Dialogue and communication

Facilitation and development community focused practices. Designed to heal conflicts, create safe spaces, resolve challenges and rebuild communities.

Co design

Community engagement facilitation work to empower young people and adults.

Targeted youth support

Delivery of targeted SOS Connected programmes including: SOS Protect violence reduction and exploitation work amongst other targeted work on diversity, employability and other complex issues.

Specialist education


Please click here to visit the Raise Education & Wellbeing School website.

Alternative Education (Education Assessment Hub)

Please click here to visit our Raise the BAAR page (coming soon).

Community education

Provision of training in youth work, conflict reduction and trauma informed practice

Services for communities & education

Pro-Social Education

A range of life education programmes delivered to support community groups, youth groups, families and local schools.

These by design cover a range of issues including: personal development, SMSC, British Values, behaviour modification and reducing vulnerability. This includes the accredited Get RIPPED and Something to Lose programmes.

Restorative Practice

Practice delivery, conflict resolution and training services to enable a range of settings to improve relationships and reduce harm.

Psychological Wellbeing

The provision of person centred psychological wellbeing support including adult and children’s counsellling, nurturing parenting, mindfulness practice and cognitive behavioural health intervention.

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